Zelda on Nintendo Switch 2 may be trying to hide behind a fake name, but there are several signs of its development

Zelda on Nintendo Switch 2 may be trying to hide behind a fake name, but there are several signs of its development

Game news Zelda on Nintendo Switch 2 may be trying to hide behind a fake name, but there are several signs of its development

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Obviously, it is becoming more and more difficult for development studios to keep their upcoming creations secret. Recently, The Legend of Zelda series has attracted attention. As the release of Nintendo's next console approaches, players are trying to get their hands on clues about the launch catalog, and one that was just discovered

Nintendo is said to be hard at work on its Nintendo Switch 2 lineup

At the beginning of May, video game news was ablaze over a very important topic: The successor to the Nintendo Switch. After months and months of scattered rumours, It was the Japanese manufacturer who spoke about this himselfExplaining that he will make an announcement soon, but at the specified time! After more than seven years of good and loyal service, we realized that the company wanted to offer an upgraded version of its latest gem. However, the situation has not been easy for Nintendo since then The Nintendo Switch continues to sell out across entire platforms.

Despite everything, the more time passes, the more we hear about this new machine that is likely to appear on shelves in 2025. Knowing this, there is one question that burns our lips: What will we be able to play on Nintendo Switch 2? Before the Japanese manufacturer makes an official announcement, Some players are looking for information If we may take all of this with a pinch of salt, we can actually imagine certain things. At this moment, awaiting confirmation, three licenses appear on the radar : Mario, Kingdom Hearts And the… Legend of Zelda !

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A codename that leaves no doubt: the new Zelda game looks revealed!

Can we simply imagine launching a new Nintendo console without one of its most popular franchises? When we see to what extent the license has been renewed Legend of Zelda It has convinced the audience, so it's no surprise to say that Nintendo is considering including it in their launch catalogue. after Evoking an atypical sequel to the episode Kingdom Tears, Insider Midori has set us on a new path full of game direction Zelda On a future Nintendo console. Indeed, the evidence highlighted is particularly evocative!

In the message posted above, Midori explains that the Nintendo game is currently in development under the codename “Edward.” So far, nothing unusual but this type of naming is no stranger to licensing fans Zelda. When some netizens asked about this connection, which is not necessarily obvious at first glance, Midori explained that the new version of Link's awakening Produced under the code name “Richard”. Other complementary explanations were shared, confirming this The company has a habit of assigning code names to refer to ancient kings – Or, more accurately, the word “king” – To camouflage the evolution of the games in the franchise Legend of Zelda. Nintendo has been revealed! It remains to be seen whether it will be a remake or a new title: whatever it is, we can't wait to find out what's behind it.

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