Zebre: Fiorini Packaging is the new main sponsor

Zebre: Fiorini Packaging is the new main sponsor

Zebre Rugby Club is pleased to introduce the new main sponsor for the 2021/22 season. We are talking about Fiorini, a leading company in the design and production of paper bags.

Founded in 1947 in Senigallia (AN), Fiorini will be at the forefront along with the Federal Franchise participating in the two international championships. United Rugby Championship so EPCR Challenge Cup Against the best teams in Europe, the UK and South Africa.

Concern for sustainable development, environmental protection and the well-being of people, whether they are employees, suppliers or customers, are the values ​​that drive Fiorini and that also characterize the Parmesan Club. The goal of the partnership will in fact be to promote and develop new opportunities for growth and inclusion for all the people who inhabit and revolve around the two realities.

During the year, Pisgni and his colleagues will be ambassadors of their high-level rugby expertise, bringing principles of respect, support and confidence in the comparative opportunities offered to Fiorini’s headquarters, as well as to the rugby castle in Parma. , a center of sports excellence operated by the Italian Rugby Union.

The Marche-based company, founded in 1947, now has more than 200 employees, various international offices, and clients all over the world. 100% production Made in italy And a capital made up of the skills, experience and passions that Zebre Rugby Club is proud to be able to represent, in Italy as well as abroad, at the prestigious rugby pitches that host coach Bradley’s XV international competitions from September to June.

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In addition to appearing on the front of the multicolored jersey, the Fiorini logo will be clearly visible on the side panels of the Lanfranchi stadium in Parma for the camera of Italian broadcaster Mediaset and by important foreign television broadcasters broadcasting Kobe and United Rugby Championship.

Statements from the President of Zipper Rugby Club Michelle Dalay: “We are very proud to be able to announce the agreement with Fiorini, an agreement that goes beyond pure sponsorship and is based instead on shared values ​​and a common will to make rugby a training and education tool. Personally, I am grateful to Giovanni Fiorini for choosing Zebras as a partner and I am convinced that together we can build a long and satisfying path. “.

Words of appreciation for the partnership also from Giovanni Fiorini, President and CEO of Fiorini: “Rugby includes many principles that are, or at least should be, an integral part of the project: common purpose, team play, constant communication and participation, respect for roles that always go beyond simple self-interest. Everyone should have a vision for others. And to put added value in everything he does. For this reason, our partnership with Zebras becomes a great opportunity for growth.”

Fiorini is one of the largest producers of paper bags. The reference sectors are food and feed, seeds and construction.

Founded in 1947, Fiorini today has more than 200 employees, international offices and clients all over the world. 75% of sales are foreign. Fully Italian production.

Investing in people growth is a key factor for Fiorini’s growth. Where we mean not only cooperating people, but also territory and youth. For this reason the desire to do multiple activities dedicated to the community.

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To deal with the temporary absences of injured Giuseppe Zelucci and a right brace called up by Argentina for rugby tournament Eduardo Bello, the front row of Zebre Rugby was reinforced by the entry of former Pumitas U20 Ramiro Valdés Iribarren.

Born in Cordoba on February 3, 2000, Ramiro holds Italian and Argentine citizenship and is eligible for the Azzurri national team. The athlete will be part of the Zebre rugby team until October 31, 2021, with the possibility of extending his stay in Parma, the city he has already arrived in, to join his new teammates who will open their way in Lanfranci on Friday, September 24 at. United Rugby Championship against the Lions of South Africa.

The first statements of the new Zebre Rugby right-wing prop, 21-year-old Italian-Argentine Ramiro Valdes Irribaren: “Since my arrival in Italy my teammates, staff and everyone at Zebre have made me feel like I was at home. I hope to be able to make my contribution to the club with the efforts And hard work, with the goal of making his debut in this shirt and playing for as many minutes as possible.”

Eribarín enters rugby at the age of eight with his hometown club, La Tablada, a company founded in 1943 that participates in the Cordoba Provincial Championship.

Ramiro was also the captain of the under-16 and under-19 team who, at first-team level, became Argentina’s national champion in 1999.

He debuted with his first XV in 2021, the culmination of a positive growth trajectory which saw the young No. 3 don the national team youth jersey and spend a valuable New Zealand training experience at Rangitoto College at the age of 17, in the North Auckland region.

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