Youth Information Center opened in Whipsi

Youth Information Center opened in Whipsi

All these young people were the force of suggestions and full of ideas which enriched the project. An adventure that started two years ago in La Cowo, which served as an incubator and also benefited from the support of very involved volunteers, such as Taoufik Lahkim, who brings together all these energies. At the moment, it is the only space of this type for young people aged 14-30, in Tarusate Country. And to thank the partners (state councils, administrations, regional and municipal councils, the commune community of the country of Tarusati, etc.) for their moral and (or) financial support.

new Horizons

For the director of Wipsee, Séverine Gallais, this space, which must bear its authenticity by an association associated with it, should be considered as a laboratory for projects and a tool for integration in synergy with everything that happens. In the section where the Pontonx forms a central point. “Here, young people will find a listening ear, they will be able to develop their skills thanks to a personal welcome, create projects, including at the international level, have digital space and language workshops,” the Wipsee chair welcomed. Indeed, the director supported, “This youth information point will open new horizons for our youth and allow them to liberate themselves at the end of a complex period for them.”

Mayor Dominic Urolatigui described the town of Wipse as a true “nugget”. An impetus that allows the development of many projects that complement municipal and communal actions: “It deserves to be accompanied. »

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