Your conversations will come alive thanks to this new Google Messages feature

Your conversations will come alive thanks to this new Google Messages feature

Google has rolled out the Screen Effects feature for Google Messages in beta. Some messages can now play animations.

To convey certain ideas, words are not always enough. To add a little animation to its messaging app, Google has integrated animations that play when certain messages are received.

the site Telephone square In fact, in the latest beta version of Google Messages, I've discovered a new animation that can play when very specific messages are received. In an article published Thursday, the site specified that “thisScreen effects» ( Screen effectsin English) is now available in-app to all beta testers.

Initially, Google introduced this new feature last November, along with other new features such as emojis, custom bubbles, or profile management in Google Messages:

With screen effects, your messages come to life with vibrant animations that will turn your words into dazzling displays. Just type specific messages like “it's snowing» or “I love you” and watch your screen explode in a symphony of colors and shapes. Try with your friends to discover 15+ phrases that trigger these screen effects.

The animation is visible in SMS as well as in RCS

As mentionedTelephone squareMessages like “I love you» (I love you) or «looks good» (This works for me) It can therefore play animations, with hearts or thumbs in the air. Note that these effects can be triggered when receiving RCS messages as well as simple SMS messages.

Currently, this feature is only available to users enrolled in the Google Messages beta testing program. However, the screen effects are scheduled to roll out to all users in the coming months.

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