Young people have the highest rates of infection

Young people have the highest rates of infection

Berlin virologist Christian Drosten also has a clear answer in the NDR podcast: “We now have a lot of knowledge about where these contacts happen. This includes the private sector, the education and training sector, and that includes the workplace.” Hutter adds: “It’s not just a matter of number. Contacts made by someone, but above all, under what circumstances, whether there are contagious contacts or not whether there is a distance and a mask in the meeting. “

What role do schools play in the spread of the epidemic?

In a British study that examined the Covid status of 12 million adults, no difference could be found in the risk of death between people who lived in families with or without children. It is not entirely clear what role children play in the infection process. “I think children are basically a picture of their environment and not drivers in the contagion process,” says Scheernhammer. Studies also show this.

At the same time, school closures also mean that parents take care of their children at home, so they also work at home and thus reduce their private contacts, which is an observation in British Medical Journal.

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