You won't believe the size of this amazing expansion to the East Scarp map! Discover it now!

Stardew Valley players would be crazy not to download this map expansion mod, which adds a ton of new content to the game.

It has to be said that the game is practically infinite, as you can spend years playing on the same save file if you can find things to do, or start from scratch and do everything completely differently.

Although content updates have slowed down since the launch of the game and subsequent ports to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo platforms, every so often we're treated to another update to enjoy. The next version is expected to arrive sometime this month, and the new online additions have the developer excited.

In the meantime, why not take matters into your own hands and download the map expansion for free via the East Carp mod.

The mode is set in a picturesque location by the sea, and will add new locations to explore. You'll meet many new NPCs, some of whom have their own shops to browse and bargain, and there are also new fishing locations to visit if you like spending your time that way. It's not simple, however, there are also secrets to discover if you take the time to explore.

This is a great mod for those in the later stages of their game, and fits in well with the base game. You might almost believe this is an official expansion, because you'll barely notice any difference between the new content and the content that's already there.

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If nothing else, this will help pass the time before the Stardew Valley developer releases a new update, so why not try it while it's free?

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