You should eat dinner at this exact time to lose weight easily, according to science

You should eat dinner at this exact time to lose weight easily, according to science

If your goal is to lose weight, there are a few things you should know to optimize your slimming efforts…like when to stop eating, for example!

Yes, to put the odds on your side and effectively lose weight, there are schedules to respect! A study conducted by American researchers has already revealed what time you should eat dinner to lose weight… Verdict!

Weight loss: Eat dinner before 8 pm to lose weight

According to their findings, the ideal time for dinner would be before 8pm! It is a fact, that the earlier you finish dinner and away from bedtime, the more positive impact it has on your weight!

And if eating dinner early is good for the silhouette, on the contrary, delaying the last meal of the day will promote weight gain. But then, what could explain this?

Why does eating early dinner lead to weight loss?

Know that eating when the body produces melatonin (the sleep hormone) promotes fat gain. And that’s regardless of what is consumed elsewhere!

As you understand, eating before 8 pm – and thus several hours before your night begins – will allow you to digest better, avoid nighttime food cravings and reduce fat storage. Lots of aspects to suit your slimming goals!

Get as close as possible to this recommended ideal time, but if you exceed it, above all: don’t miss dinner! In fact, and contrary to some popular beliefs, skipping a meal is never a good idea when it comes to losing weight.

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