You must change your PIN if it appears in this list

You must change your PIN if it appears in this list

Many French people still use simple, easy-to-remember unlock codes. Beware of increasingly common hacking risks!

It's the first thing that appears when you turn on your smartphone's screen. A PIN, for “personal identification number,” is a personal identification number that allows the user to secure their phone to prevent data theft. It takes the form of a series of numbers ranging from 0 to 9, thus offering a wide range of possibilities to mobile phone users. However, some of them are not without risks.

As we live in a world characterized by advances in digital technologies, the issue of data security is of central importance. Be it to verify bank income, access social apps or your email inbox, password is everywhere. Therefore, choosing a good PIN for your smartphone is crucial. However, a recent study revealed that some passwords are very common and therefore more vulnerable to hacking.

There are at least 10,000 possible combinations to generate a PIN © Robixel Ltd.

An analysis of 3.5 million PIN codes worldwide was recently conducted. The latter tells us that the code “1234“ is the most popular with 11% usage. Not far behind are the icons “0000”, “1111”, “7777”, “1212”, “1004” And many others are still very popular with the general public. And for good reason, these things are very easy to remember. Some also choose their date of birth but also their age or numbers associated with their memories. Codes attached to them which can be easily detected without their knowledge.

These users are the main target of hackers, who are able to collect data within seconds. Obviously, the most common and easy-to-remember combinations are the ones that can be easily foiled. Therefore, experts in this study recommend creating or changing code without any particular meaning, which will reduce the chances of being hacked. It is also highly recommended not to use the same password multiple times.

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There are ways to increase the security of your device. The first is to activate two-step identity verification to accept or deny access to the IT resource. This verification is done via a signal sent to your phone or via email, depending on your preference. As for unlock options, you can choose fingerprint verification or facial recognition.

However, these techniques are not infallible and should remain tied to your password management. Another possible alternative is to make use of password managers. Tools that allow you to create and save your own passwords, even the most complex ones, and that provide you with a secure interface.

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