Yisrael Adesanya gives his honest opinion on the case of Francis Nganno

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Longtime supporter of Frances Ngannou, Israel Adesanya apparently followed the beef that is currently pitting the Cameroonian against Dana White and the UFC. Talk frankly about the topic after his last win!

For many, this turbulent period between the UFC and one of its biggest stars could mark the history of the union. Hunted for many years for the salaries they give their fighters, the company’s leaders now find themselves under pressure from Francis Ngannou. The latter intends, at the end of the contract next December, to receive a much higher salary than he has been receiving so far.

He can also apply for this re-evaluation of his contract, having recently been signed by his great friend, Israel Adesanya. Before defending his middleweight belt on Saturday, Stylebender already became the second-highest-paid fighter in the ring, behind only Conor McGregor. Therefore, it is not surprising that he had to respond to the tense situation in which he found himself the champion of Cameroon.

Adesanya supports Ngannou in his fight against the UFC

After defeating Robert Whitaker at UFC 271, Izzy is back in the hot issue of the moment, and he’s gone in the direction of Ngannou, being careful not to turn his bosses away completely!

When I’m told that my new contract was only offered to me because of what’s going on with Francis, I say no. Every case is different, and in Francis’ case, he had to bring it up because it was painful, and I respect him for doing it.

This is only the first step. Dana (White) has already said that they had dinner together before Francis returned to Cameroon, and that they would have dinner together upon his return. So yes, people get it wrong! The UFC is filled with humans, and humans make mistakes. But we can always correct it. I think this is just a first step, and it will end up affecting all fighters and attracting everyone.

So the New Zealander is making sure not to offend either party too much, but nonetheless also admits to calling for higher payments to UFC fighters. All without going into disproportionate proportions.

I am not saying that you should make an insane amount of money for beginners. I’m just saying, “Pay them enough so they can train and feed their families and not have to find a second or third job.” Because we are UFC fighters. I love this company, and have always wanted to be a part of it. I know they will do a good job, and this is only a first step forward. Francis started, and I also got what I wanted.

The ball is now in Dana White’s court, who thus sees a new leader for his organization calling for his fiscal policy to be called into question!

Israel Adesanya may have won the grand prize, but he did not abandon his friend Francis Ngannou in his fight. A nice gesture on his part, which will probably convince the UFC to pay its fair value to the predator!

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