Yellow Kiwi, Sungold has arrived from New Zealand – Italiafruit News

Yellow Kiwi, Sungold has arrived from New Zealand – Italiafruit News

Everyone was waiting for them, and as expected, the early adopters went like hot cakes New Zealand kiwi with yellow flesh (Sungold, Variety G3) that Zsbury Delivery has started, starting yesterday, for Italian wholesalers. High-quality products from fruits ranging in size from 22 (from 146 to 175 grams) and 25 (from 134 to 146 grams) and are free of charge, with average prices between 32 and 35 euros per box.

The yellow-fleshed kiwi has been missing for at least a month on the national and European market. Merchants there They had been looking forward to it for a long time Consequently, Zespri’s new merchandise runs out quickly, in just a few hours. Even a large-scale retailer has moved in to purchase the product, as evidenced by the picture below we took Cry Extra From Urgnano, in the province of Bergamo.

The first two platforms from Sungold, which we received this morning (Yesterday to the reader, editor), We immediately sold it at about 32 € per 5.8 kg carton. There was a lot of waiting to start selling yellow kiwi fruit again, ”points out Italiafruit News Pasquale Pep, seller of royal fruit, A nationwide import and marketing company operating in Fundy Fruit and Vegetable Market.

Peppe promises to be the great 2021/22 season for Sungold. “This variety (G3, ed) has managed to attract strong interest, and year after year, it is gaining status in Italy. We, on average, manage to distribute 3 to 4 pallets per week For our clients, they are concentrated in central and southern Italy. Those who used to buy kiwi fruit from Zespri always order this brand. There is great confidence about Quality And for Selection Which expresses the brand. “

First Sungold on the platforms of Italian wholesalers

New Zealand kiwi fruit is an important producer of royal fruit, which has also started marketing as of the 2020/21 season. Green pulp production from Lazio For a continuous display throughout the year. “I find it satisfying Italian Green Products Campaign. TheThe prevailing size has always been Medium – smallBut the prices continue Hassan Except for some games SoftPeppe continues.

“Other items related to us are lettuce, Belgian chicory, sauerkraut, medlar, lotus, radicchio and mushrooms. These are the products that we buy in European markets and then distribute in Italy. In general, 2021 has a better start than the end of 2020. But the epidemic It is becoming felt within the wholesale sector.We notice, in fact, a lot Late payments From customers. “

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