XV King of France: For Charles Ollivon, “this France

XV King of France: For Charles Ollivon, “this France

From there to dreaming about it, it depends on each person. But surely everyone is thinking about it. We've been working on this for four years. The World Cup is the biggest competition you can participate in. This is the holy grail for us. It lasts two months, but in reality, everything goes very quickly. There are four matches in the group stage, three of which are in the final stages: we must not miss the opportunity. Obviously the quarter-final will be crucial, but I think the France-New Zealand match will make history! Facing the Blacks in the World Cup opener never happened and I don't know if it will happen again in the future. We are here to have fun!

I have been through the injury box again during these four years. How much does this inspire you to taste?

All you have to do is say “France – New Zealand in the World Cup” to realize the importance of this moment! We all go through injuries, it's not always easy, we think about those who are not there. But it should give us strength: we recognize the opportunity we have to be here healthy. You have to take whatever there is to grab, and throw yourself a banana. It's not always easy, there's a lot of waiting.

After three preparation matches, do you think you will enter this tournament at the top of your game?

Anyway, we feel pretty good. The warm-up matches are designed to get back into the rhythm after a break with plenty of physicality and heat. Everything has been calculated and calibrated: we are on our way. We're not going to lie, it was nice to be home last week. I think we're a lot more mentally active than we were in 2019. There's good energy in the group, and we felt it when we got to the weight room at Ruel Malmaison (smile).

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Fabien Galthie insists you shouldn't change your habits. But is this really possible before this competition?

In fact, there is not much that changes for us within the group. We realize that there are a lot of things happening around us. The more the better, we love it. But we have to get things right. Focusing 200% on our working hours, but also on messing around, having fun, being open… We'll have to find the right balance.

I was home last week. Did you take the opportunity to bring back some 'grigris'?

no. When I was younger, I was superstitious. But then, with experience and the little problems I encountered (he suffered two serious shoulder injuries, editor's note), I stopped being one (laughs). I do not want.

The New Zealanders say they want to feed the energy of the Stade de France on Friday night. What does this inspire you?

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