Xbox wants to be a “good publisher” for PlayStation and Nintendo, confirms Microsoft CEO|  X-Box

Xbox wants to be a “good publisher” for PlayStation and Nintendo, confirms Microsoft CEO| X-Box

Recently, Xbox and Microsoft have repeatedly stated their desire to reach the largest number of players, even if it means not being completely clear about the status of exclusives for first-party games. Yesterday, we learned that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is now thinking about having the ability to “create great games and deliver them to players on all platforms, meaning Xbox, consoles, PC, and now even mobile gaming and cloud gaming.” In a new interview with Bloomberg, he provided more details.

Xbox wants to be a “good publisher” for Nintendo and PlayStation

When Satya Nadella mentioned the word “consoles,” gamers couldn't help but imagine that he was openly referring to PlayStation and Nintendo. Finally, we didn't have to wait long to find out, because he told Bloomberg that Microsoft can now become a publisher for Sony, Nintendo, and the PC.

In fact, Flight Simulator was created even before Windows, but we were third and fourth. With Activision, I think we have an opportunity to be a good publisher, frankly, for Sony, Nintendo, PC and Xbox. So we are pleased to have completed this acquisition.

Last October, the head of Microsoft already confirmed the group's desire to double its “game production and publisher activities.”

Recently, rumors have appeared on the web, in particular regarding the arrival of some Sea of ​​​​Thieves on PlayStation 5, but also about Hi-Fi RUSH on Nintendo Switch.

In the coming years, we know that Microsoft will continue to offer Call of Duty on PlayStation, on many cloud gaming platforms, but also on Nintendo!

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While it's clear that games already available on other consoles are still supported, such as Overwatch 2 or Diablo IV, ambiguity still remains as to what future games are coming.

The latest news is that Machine Games' Indiana Jones should be an Xbox Series Regarding the first, we are supposed to get the fix this evening during Xbox Developer_Direct. What is certain is that only the future will allow us to understand Microsoft's publishing plans more precisely.

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