Xbox update: HDMI-CEC mute and control option for everyone!  |  Xbox One

Xbox update: HDMI-CEC mute and control option for everyone! | Xbox One

Like every month, Microsoft has rolled out a new update that adds some features to consoles in the Xbox ecosystem. Thus, various models of Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S today has two new features that may be useful.

It’s all about control

In addition to the Xbox Series X, various Xbox One models get | S gets new features thanks to the April update. It’s coming out today, and it will give your device the ability to mute all sounds coming from the console’s operating system. It also allows you to choose your own broadcast source on your TV (provided you have the right equipment). Available to Insiders since November the lastThis feature is now available to everyone.

You can now mute the sounds you hear while navigating your Xbox console, such as when you change your pointer over different items, activate items, receive notifications, and more. To apply these settings, go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound, then select Mute Navigation Sounds, Mute Alert Sounds, or both.

Press the Xbox button on your console to switch input from any source (such as a TV) to your Xbox console. To enable this feature, go to Settings > General TV & Display Options > Device Control > HDMI CEC Input > Switch to TV with Gamepad

The update is available for everyone to download today. All new features will be found soon custom page From the official Xbox website.

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