Xbox Series X |  S, Battlefield 2042 consoles?  Xbox Express |  Xbox One

Xbox Series X | S, Battlefield 2042 consoles? Xbox Express | Xbox One

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the official consoles for Battlefield 2042. Electronic Arts announced this in a press release with other partners for the launch of its main game on October 23. But what exactly does this mean? Would the game be better on Xbox? Is he entitled to exclusive benefits on Microsoft consoles? Xbox explains why.

Battlefield 2042 Partner List

Electronic Arts has taken advantage of its new game to partner with several partners this year, and here is the list.

  • Battlefield 2042 Official Console Partner – Xbox : EA and Xbox teamed up to make Xbox Series X | S Official Battlefield 2042 Consoles.
  • Battlefield 2042 Official PC Graphics Partner – NVIDIA EA and DICE’s partnership with NVIDIA will ensure the ultimate PC experience with next-generation GeForce RTX gaming technologies, enhanced AI performance for NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex Low-latency mode.
  • Official Battlefield 2042 PC Peripheral Partner – Logitech : EA and Logitech will work together so gamers can integrate Logitech into their devices, including LIGHTSYNC peripheral technology and audio presets with the optimized equalizer for Logitech headphones.
  • Battlefield 2042 All-Terrain Partner – Polaris : EA and Polaris have teamed up so players have the opportunity to experience original Polaris vehicles in Battlefield 2042, including the Polaris Sportsman ATV.
  • Battlefield 2042 Official Game Storage Partner – WD_BLACK™: The WD_BLACK brand from Western Digital and EA is committed to providing Battlefield 2042 players with the best possible gaming experience with its vast world of realistic and immersive maps and dynamic gameplay.
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What does this mean for Xbox?

Whether the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the official consoles for Battlefield 2042 is questionable. It’s not uncommon for publishers to partner with console manufacturers to release their game, but talking about “official consoles” is undoubtedly the first thing.

More often than not, they are mostly commercial agreements so that the game rolls out one platform rather than another during all of its communications. This goes straight to the Collector Editions details where Xbox, PlayStation and PC game boxes are displayed in a specific order according to the game platform in order to highlight the partner.

For example, Sony and PlayStation have partnered with the Call of Duty franchise for a few years, highlighting the PS4 and PS5 in all communications as well as advanced and/or exclusive content. We can also cite the marketing deal between Xbox and Ubisoft in Far Cry 6, or the one on Cyberpunk 2077 last year where the ubiquitous Xbox platform was spotlighted.

To be a partner of [-mot3535] It’s clear from the first moments when the game was announced, to the weeks leading up to the announcement since everyone has gone from their small tweet to every communication about the game. But today we know what Electronic refers to the arts when discussing the Xbox Series X | S as the official Battlefield 2042 consoles, by Josh Munsee, Xbox Senior Director of Marketing.

Xbox Series X | S are the official (non-exclusive) Battlefield 2042 consoles.

I’m so excited to be collaborating with the EA team again on an amazing game and planning some exciting marketing content.

When asked about the very precise question related to “official controllers”, he explained that this includes «Marketing, Branding, Capture Playstyle, Etc.»

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So there is ultimately nothing new following this name and we can simply expect the Xbox to be featured in every communication about the game. If a Battlefield 2042 beta releases, we can also expect it to be available before Xbox or on an exclusive basis. Given what’s been going on in recent weeks, it’s also easy to imagine that Xbox and EA will be setting up other gaming events in the coming months. How about an Xbox console in Battlefield 2042 colors, or even a collector’s console?

The next dates for Battlefield 2042 are set for July 8 at 7:00 PM. With Apex Legends and Battlefield 2042 as well as July 22 at the same time for EA Play Live an all-new game mode will be announced.

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