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Xbox responds to requests for “Platinum Achievements” like PlayStation | Xbox One

Xbox invented the successes and trophies and democratized them on the console. PlayStation later followed suit, but the Sony brand has one item that Xbox doesn’t: the Platinum trophy.

Platinum game, the ultimate reward

On the Xbox, each game has about 1,000 g (Gamerscore points). These are a few dozen achievements that can be unlocked by performing specific actions in games such as completing a chapter in the story, finding a list of items, or performing a special action.

On PlayStation, the system is the same, except it’s about prizes. But there is one point that distinguishes the PlayStation from the Xbox: the Platinum Cup, which is obtained when you get all the other points. Terminology was also born from this subtlety since we later talked about “platinizing” its games. Some players also exceed 2,000 turntables, so many games are completely completed.

Xbox has already looked into the issue of “platinum” achievements.

Jason Ronald, one of the engineers who worked on Xbox Series X | S as a platform, the topic is in the podcast. iron masters When asked for the equivalent of Sony’s Platinum Awards, or other recognition for completing the game.

We’ve definitely heard those comments. The achievements are interesting because everyone plays the games differently. We really think about how to reward people who play the way they want and the games they want.

There are some players who prefer team play. What do we do to reward them and show their progress or things like that? There are other people out there who like to play a lot of different games, so how do we go about meeting that investment? Then there are other people, like me who are seasoned and literally want to finish everything in the game.

Jason Ronald adds that a balance has to be found, but that’s already an issue they know about at Xbox. β€œThere is nothing to announce today, but it is definitely a priority for us as we look to the future.”

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