Xbox interface: Microsoft still doesn't understand what gamers want |  Xbox One

Xbox interface: Microsoft still doesn’t understand what gamers want | Xbox One

Xbox updates follow each other for members of the Xbox Insiders Program, and the console interface is also evolving. Unfortunately, this one still does not satisfy the taste of the players and one wonders if Microsoft is listening to the comments.

A new Xbox console is coming out this week

That was last September Microsoft announces a new Xbox console for 2023. What is new is that the brand has planned to give access to this new interface to members Xbox Insiders for them to come back. Microsoft’s goal is to collect feedback from its customers to improve the dashboard until next year.

The first revealed image of this new interface was not welcomed with open arms and very quickly, negative comments about it were plentiful on social networks. in The survey was conducted on Twitter XboxygenMany of you preferred concepts other than those imagined by Microsoft.

In literal texts, I demanded an interface that is less cluttered, more readable, more airy, and with fewer ads. But that still isn’t the path this new UI is taking, including the latest update rolled out to Alpha Skip-Ahead rated subscribers on October 26.

However, Microsoft says it used player feedback to introduce new features, but it’s clear that the modified ones aren’t really the ones the community imagined.

Are player feedback really taken into account?

In a message published this week, Microsoft Teams said it had read all member feedback to build the future console interface.

As we head into the second month of a multi-month experience series, we’d like to thank all of our select Xbox Insider users for the comments you’ve shared with us. We read your feedback every morning and use these experiences to help us decide what features to build and how to design a more personalized homepage experience.

Based on the feedback we’ve heard from you, we have some other experiences to try and share your thoughts. Starting this week, all Skip-Ahead Alpha Rank users and a random subset of Alpha Rank users will be able to add their top two groups to the homepage, along with the top 10 games and media to watch and watch. Listen on your consoles. We can’t wait to hear what you think of these updated features!

When we look at the comments you’ve given us in the past as well as those from this new update, there’s still a huge gap between the community requests and the interface that Microsoft envisioned.

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Again, many messages refer to an interface that is too crowded, too rich, and includes many elements that are considered useless. And it is true that there are always many blocks aimed at promoting diverse and varied content which are more like advertising rather than content that is really useful for easy navigation.

Xbox user Mik29 summed up what several gamers were referring to yesterday: “The new #Xbox Control Panel is awful. I can no longer pin my favorite games, friends, and clubs to the homepage, and I can’t remove ads to simplify my homepage.”

Xbox dynamic themes are not used if they are not visible

We often read that the Xbox interface is too busy and doesn’t leave enough space for the background image. And the latest comments from players are still complaining about this thing. Many are wondering about using dynamic themes if the image displayed behind them is hidden by all the blocks on it.

More than half of the screen is now occupied by various blocks, and the most interesting part of the background image is completely hidden by them.

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We’ve verified that this new version of the Xbox Dashboard hides the background image more, which was specifically one of the main complaints first time gamers had. For now, we’re wondering if the feedback from the community is really taken into consideration or if some minor changes will finally be made to this interface next year to give more space for ads.

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