Xbox Insider: Muting the TV when headphones are connected is now possible!  |  Xbox One

Xbox Insider: Muting the TV when headphones are connected is now possible! | Xbox One

New Xbox update rolled out for program members Xbox Insider. It comes to members of the Alpha Skip-Ahead rank and brings a long-awaited novelty.

Update details

If you are part of the program and are eligible, please be aware that the update becomes mandatory as of this afternoon.

Settings – Accessibility

The first round of color-blind filter tests for users on Xbox Series X consoles | S. This feature arrives with the goal of allowing people who are color-blind or who have low color vision to enjoy more of current games as well as older titles they couldn’t previously access.

While some games apply similar filters individually, this new feature applies globally to everything on Xbox Series X | S, including all games, movies, apps, menus, and more. It also supports several forms of color blindness and the filters can be modified according to your preference without affecting performance, screenshots or game clips. This is great news for those affected!

Settings – Audio

Many of you have claimed this job and here it is! New streamlined audio settings are now available with new features such as “Mute TV speakers when headphones are connected” and a new “Audio Tests and Details” page. This new page is similar to what we find for video and shows the compatibility of your devices with different audio formats and parameters such as Dolby Digital Surround or Dolby Atmos.

As usual, keep in mind that these updates for Xbox Insiders may contain bugs and errors, especially with regard to translated scripts.

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