Xbox Game Pass: List of Samsung TVs that are compatible with the app |  Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass: List of Samsung TVs that are compatible with the app | Xbox One

Samsung and Microsoft last week formalized a new step in their partnership aimed at making Xbox Game Pass Available on Korean TVs. Thanks to Xbox Cloud GamesIt will soon be possible to play the games available in the catalog directly from your smart TV, provided you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but also have a compatible TV.

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Only 2022 models will be compatible

In its official press release, Samsung stated that the app will be available through the Samsung Gaming Hub, which is a listing for the brand’s 2022 models. This includes smart TVs and also Samsung 2022 smart displays.

You’ll find the list of compatible devices below while the app will be available on June 30th.

List of Xbox Game Pass Compatible Models

  • Samsung TV S95B
  • Samsung QN900B TV
  • Samsung QN800B TV
  • Samsung QN700B TV
  • Samsung QN95B TV
  • Samsung QN90B TV
  • Samsung QN85B TV
  • Samsung QN80B TV
  • Samsung QN70B TV
  • Samsung QN60B TV
  • Samsung TV The Frame (2022)
  • Samsung TV BU8500
  • Samsung M5 screen (2022)
  • Samsung M7 screen (2022)
  • Samsung M8 Screen (2022)

As a reminder, the Samsung Gaming Hub gives access to Xbox Game Pass, but also Google Stadia, Utomik, and GeForceNow. If you have a decent internet connection, it will be easy to access and play many games easily by connecting a Bluetooth controller to your TV.

Moving forward with Xbox Cloud Gaming

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