Xbox boss returns to Redfall’s poor reception

Xbox boss returns to Redfall’s poor reception

Microsoft’s latest exclusive video game hasn’t made gamers happy. A disappointment also shocked Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox.

“There is nothing harder for me than to disappoint the Xbox community.” Like all players, Phil Spencer could only see the damage. The boss of Xbox has returned to the criticism that red fallthe latest game from Microsoft, has suffered.

Available on Game Pass, this shooting game, which integrates vampire hunting, is developed by Arkane Austin studio, which is owned by the computer giant. Several tests of the title indicated a lack of finishing, a lag in performance, and a dispensable scenario.

On Metacritic, the site that aggregates ratings dedicated to games, the score is just 62 (out of 100). Players, for their part, are much less slick. The rating from the audience only reaches 2.6 (out of 10).

“punch in the chin”

Head of Xbox returned to this mixed reception during the dedicated programme Kinda Funny Xcast. He confirmed that he was “disappointed”, just like the Xbox community, but also “angry with himself”.

“The game came in and the critical reaction wasn’t what we wanted, and that’s disappointing,” admitted Phil Spencer.

In the players’ viewfinder, promises not kept by the game often return. Complaints he can only accept. “I rethink the 60fps announcement and the fact that we didn’t render the game at 60fps, which was a well-deserved punch in the chin,” says Phil Spencer.

In a few weeks, Microsoft will catch up with the release of Starfield, which is scheduled for September 6th. The first-person space exploration game will be highlighted on June 11 with a dedicated event. An opportunity to show more about the game that “still has a lot to show,” according to its developers.

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