Xbox 360 games will no longer be included in the Gold Games promotion from October 2022 |  Xbox One

Xbox 360 games will no longer be included in the Gold Games promotion from October 2022 | Xbox One

As the Xbox brand develops year after year, Redmond has chosen to gradually draw a line within Xbox Live, indirectly related to the era of Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The news that has now fallen only confirms this because the Xbox Games with Gold promotion will stop offering Xbox 360 games from next October.

Xbox One game service only

Through an email sent to all Xbox Live Gold members, Xbox announced the news to all of its subscribers. The monthly offer of Games with Gold has become a major asset to Xbox through its online service, offering 4 full free games to keep indefinitely. So we found two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games backward compatible. This is the email in question that was sent today.

Effective October 1, 2022, Xbox 360 titles will no longer be included in the monthly games offered to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members and Xbox Live Gold members through Games with Gold. Our ability to offer Xbox 360 games in the catalog has reached its limit. However, Games for Gold will continue to offer exciting Xbox One titles every month with exclusive savings. This will not affect any Xbox 360 games you downloaded prior to October 2022. All Xbox 360 titles redeemed through Games with Gold before this date will remain on your Xbox account whether or not you continue your subscription.

Thank you for being a loyal member. Xbox Team

Xbox is referring to the fact that the company has “maxed out its ability to offer Xbox 360 games in the catalog”. Concretely, these limits are both legal and technical. Games with Gold will only offer Xbox One games as of October 2022, but gamers can rest assured that all Xbox 360 games acquired over the years will remain preserved and accessible.

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A news that marks the end of an era and is undoubtedly driven by a desire to look to the future, new models and other game distribution services. Microsoft began dropping the Xbox Live branding in 2021, with Xbox Live now referring to all software and services as the Xbox Network.

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