X series data center upgrade almost complete - Nerd4.life

X series data center upgrade almost complete – Nerd4.life

Through an interesting interview with Microsoft, we were able to discover many details about the philosophy and future of Xbox. Redmond told us (also) what they’ve done and will do for the potential Xbox Cloud games. One step in this direction is to update the . file Data Center, which is now based on technology Xbox Xbox X.

The most obvious result is that games played via cloud games will now benefit from Xbox Series X technology. lower latency, but also faster loadings and a better frame rate. All these innovations ensure more enjoyable and smooth gaming sessions, which is a key element of cloud gaming.

Xbox Cloud itself supports Xbox Series X technology.

Liz Hamrin, the company’s vice president, also spoke on the cloud; These are his words translated: “The cloud is central to the future of gaming and is a key component of our roadmap.”

There has also been talk of the fact that “Content, Content, Content” is Microsoft’s new mantra. In addition, it has been pointed out that Microsoft is accelerating production of “essential” consoles, devices, and platforms.

For all the details, you can read our article: The future of Xbox, between Game Pass and Cloud Gaming, which Microsoft explains.

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