WWF and Greenpeace target New Zealand toilet paper company

WWF and Greenpeace target New Zealand toilet paper company

Will toilet paper have Sumatran tiger skin? according to Study conducted by WWF, Greenpeace and the New Zealand Green Partytrade mark CottonsoftIt is said to be marketed in New Zealand and is native to Indonesian tropical forests Endangered tigers. Behind Cottonsoft is once again the Asian Pulp and Paper group targeted by NGOs for its active involvement in deforestation in Indonesia.

It took eighteen months of investigation to trace the toilet paper: after Cottonsoft refused to disclose the sources of its supplies, NGOs sent samples to US laboratories that analyzed the fibers in the rolls. The result: tropical species were identified, confirming the suspicions of environmental organizations. WWF and Greenpeace have called on New Zealand distributors to stop listing Cottonsoft products, but the problem is broader: according to the associations’ estimates, one roll of toilet paper sold in New Zealand comes from Indonesian forests.

One million hectares of forest disappear every year

Many brands, such as Kraft, Nestle, Unilever, Tesco and Carrefour, have stopped sourcing paper from Asian Pulp and Paper, which has been repeatedly criticized for its activities in Indonesia. To help consumers see things more clearly, WWF Published a guide to eco-friendly toilet paper.

The Indonesian jungle is home to about 400 Sumatran tigers. A species threatened by deforestation and poaching. “Many New Zealanders will be shocked to know that by using Cottonsoft toilet paper, they are effectively eliminating one of the world’s most endangered species,” says Greenpeace campaigner Nathan Argent. The Indonesian forest, like any tropical forest, is an important store of carbon to slow global warming. According to the Indonesian government, more than one million hectares of forest disappear in the country every year.

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