World Trampoline Championships |  Jeremy Chartier finished fifth

World Trampoline Championships | Jeremy Chartier finished fifth

Jeremy Chartier caught the fifth result of the Trampoline World Championships on Saturday in the men’s individual event. He thus finished 0.170 points from his place on the podium, the best result of his career.

Second after the second qualifying round, Chartier was the eighth and final finalist on the trampoline. From the beginning, the stress affected his feelings and he felt less in control. He eventually collected 57,820 points to finish fifth in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“I have quite mixed feelings,” Quebec reported to Sportcom. “I am especially disappointed that I made it to the final in (provisional) second place. Looking back, I’m still fifth in the world! It’s a feat I can’t quite fathom yet. More disappointment, but In general, I am very proud of my competition. »

The 21-year-old Montrealer competed in his third world championship, but was making his debut in the final. He took the 27e in 2018, then 77e in 2019.

“I don’t consider myself the same athlete and the same person. I demolished and rebuilt all my physical and psychological capabilities in training. It paid off well all year and we had proof during the competition that we found the formula that worked for me.”

New Zealand’s Dylan Schmitt, a bronze medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, was crowned world champion with a score of 60,720 points. France’s Alain Morante (58,710 points) and Japan’s Yamato Ishikara (58,480 points) won silver and bronze.

Remy Aubin also participated in this very difficult final. The first competitor to start, he was unable to complete his routine. placing him in eighth place.

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Earlier this week, Chartier and Aubin finished 28thWe are Synchronization skills. “A complete failure,” Jeremy Chartier quickly summed up.

“It’s strange though, we had a really good individual performance the day before. Unfortunately, we can’t always explain what happened after this result.”

Millet and Fifth Methot too

Also on Saturday, Sarah Millet and Sofiane Mithou improved their performance in the synchronized event grand final. They finished sixth in the qualifying finish, and finished fifth in the final on Saturday, closing in on a place on the podium.

Something went wrong on the last move, their jumps weren’t quite the same, and it cost the duo Quebec a few points. After long deliberation, the judges finally awarded it a score of 43,660. Milette and Méthot requested a review at the end of the competition, but without success in reversing the situation.

“It was a long time ago, we didn’t know which way it was going. Without that mistake, we finished second. Of course we were disappointed, but we still put in a great performance,” said Sarah Millett.

“It was a flawless routine, but the technique at the end meant we didn’t end up on the podium,” Methot added.

Japanese Hikaru Mori and Mego Aoyama (50590) won the event ahead of French Marines Gourbier and Lea Labrousse (46140). Mexicans Mariola Garcia and Dafne Navarro Loza finished third (45,260).

Solo, Sarah Millet missed the final by just 0.110 points this week and finished 10th. The World Championships was the first competition in which Millet, who has been hampered by an ankle injury this season, did not limit herself to her routine.

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“I am disappointed that I did not participate in the final, especially since I was so close and I knew exactly what I should have done to improve my result. Overall, it was a good performance, even better than last year, if I had made it to the final.

For her part, Sofiene Mitoute finished 24the from the individual test.

“I will not hide that I expected a better performance. I was well prepared and confident. Unfortunately, that was not what happened. It was not my day, but I will build on it in the process of qualifying for the Olympics.”

With the Trampoline World Championships now over, Canada is in fifth place in the team competition.

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