World Rugby is increasingly attracting sponsors

World Rugby is increasingly attracting sponsors

Of course, there was the result of one night, as the Blues were eliminated, on Sunday 15 October, in the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup. The tricolor dream was shattered, and the party was more or less over. Saturday October 28th will definitely be. After the closing ceremony hosted by singer Mika at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, South Africa and New Zealand will take to the field to play the final match. The winning team will raise the Webb Ellis Trophy, then a photo will commemorate the moment.

A sad end for host country France? “But no, not at all, you’re not there. The adventure continues more than ever.”, sparks Florian Grill, who was elected in June at the helm of the French Rugby Federation (FFR), a structure currently in deficit. The 58-year-old speaks quickly and has a lot to say and offer to convince people of the benefits of the sport he played at a young age before joining the university from which he graduated.

“This World Cup shows how valuable rugby is Coexistence, solidarity, respect, in short, living better together Valuable and doing good for society. The unparalleled enthusiasm from the crowd is promising, even if we regret the failure of our players. But they are ready to bounce back, of that they have no doubt. »

Starting next week, French sporting authorities will assess the enthusiasm generated by international competition. A few clues set the tone. On the fateful October 15, approximately 16.5 million viewers watched, on TF1, the match that ended the hopes of the French XV defeated by the Springboks. This is – at the moment – the channel’s best audience of the year.

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The presence of women is increasing, whether in front of small screens or in the stands, as they now represent 30% of supporters. The most optimistic forecasts also expect 600,000 foreign visitors and around 1.5 billion euros in economic benefits for France. Above all, rugby will grow in popularity among companies that don’t burn their fingers financially backing Offaly. At the heart of the game, the meaning of “collective” in an ideal world refers to the motivation and cohesion of their employees.

“More noble than football”

Let us be clear, there is no room for angelism here, by making sporting discipline a paragon of virtue. There are dark sides to rugby, starting with the long-ignored scourge of serious concussions caused by violent hits to the head and a lack of player protection.

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