World Food Program convoy looted by 'desperate mob'

World Food Program convoy looted by 'desperate mob'

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The Israeli army intercepted about ten trucks carrying 200 tons of food in the central Gaza Strip, while famine threatens the population.

As famine threatens the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army blocked a World Food Program food aid convoy on Tuesday, March 5, inside the Gaza Strip. Then it was looted “desperate crowd”The United Nations agency noted. According to the World Food Programme, 14 trucks carrying about 200 tons of food were heading towards the northern Gaza Strip, for the first time since the agency stopped deliveries there on February 20, when the convoy was stopped at a checkpoint in the Gaza Strip. .

The Rome-based agency said in a statement that after three hours of waiting at this checkpoint in the Gaza Valley in the middle of the Strip, the convoy was forced to turn back. Then the trucks were looted by “A desperate mob seized the cargo.”She added without specifying the exact location where this incident occurred.

According to the United Nations, there is a famine 'It's almost inevitable' For 2.2 of Gaza's population of 2.4 million. The situation is particularly critical in the largely devastated north of the Strip, where it is difficult to deliver aid by land from the main entry point, the city of Rafah in the south, due to the destruction and fighting. The World Food Program says that it is examining all ways to deliver aid to this region, but it confirms that the road is the only way to transport enough food to avoid the famine that threatens the population.

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A ceasefire is required

The agency said that an airdrop operation carried out on Tuesday, in cooperation with the Jordanian Air Force, enabled the dropping of six tons of food supplies, or enough for 20,000 people. “Airdrops are the last resort and will not prevent famine.”This was announced by Karl Skau, Deputy Executive Director of the World Food Programme. “We need entry points into northern Gaza to deliver enough food to half a million people who desperately need it.”He said.

US Air Force drops humanitarian aid to Gaza residents, March 5, 2024.
US Central Command via X/Reuters

Last week, Karl Skau told the UN Security Council that famine was imminent in the northern Gaza Strip if nothing changed. Hunger has arrived 'Catastrophic levels'The World Food Program warned on Tuesday. “Children are dying from hunger-related diseases and suffering from severe malnutrition.”He stressed his belief that a ceasefire is urgently necessary.

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