world Cup.  Football.  8 months before facing France, he tortured and criticized the All Black captain

world Cup. Football. 8 months before facing France, he tortured and criticized the All Black captain

All world Cup He brings his share of leaders in the midst of confusion. for the 2023 edition, New Zealand rugby is under pressure. With the start of the Rugby World Cup France On September 8, 2023, the King of the Oval Ball flipped. But for once, it’s not happiness or impatience, but anxiety… If the mistrust towards coach Ian Foster is repeated, then around him Sam was, the official captain of the selection, begins to appear. So far, the indecision has been timid at best so far, but it’s starting to show.

Why would it be wrong to bury the All Blacks before the World Cup?

For good reason, Ian Foster recently announced this to the pressThere was no certainty as to who would steer the All Black boat this year. Obviously, he then determines that the third line should reasonably request to retain this role for 2023. The coach then announces that various nominations or possibilities will be considered by the staff. On the surface, this event might seem trivial. In fact, it is very likely that this media release is just for my formality and that the captain is not actually arranging any mystery. It must be said that it was important to resume such a role after the illustrious Richie McCaw Kieran Reid It’s not easy…

However, the mere mention of this action has led to a debate: “Given his team’s mediocrity, is Sam Cane responsible for the job?“On the networks, the discussions are monitored and in the media, it is not lacking either. In doing so, New Zealand sports journalist Mark Reason has put his great love of salt in the podcast Platform. According to his statements, the leader should go to Sam Whitelock or Dalton Papali’i, according to the comments he noticed rugby lane. It also refuses (very decent) I want Savea from the race. Reported by national media, the current leader was not spared a choice:

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The whole country knows Sam shouldn’t have been a leader.[…] He’s not the great player he was five years ago. And why is it after the many injuries he suffered? That player is no longer. It introduces many penalties, which sometimes cost the All Blacks dearly in some games, especially againstIreland. And I’m not even convinced of his leadership. He is neither a thing nor the other as a leader. He’s not the really quiet tough guy nor is he one who encourages and motivates hard. It falls somewhere in between.[…] Even on a level of communication, it is evident that he sometimes misspoke after matches. So, no, I don’t think he should be a leader. Will it be? I think Foster is incredibly stubborn. So if Cane plays for heads And he keeps some form, I think he will.”

Football.  Will Al Trad lose his exciting contract with a team? Football. Will Al Trad lose his exciting contract with the All Blacks after his conviction?

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