World Cup 2023. All Blacks – South Africa: The rugby world would have admitted to making a huge mistake

World Cup 2023. All Blacks – South Africa: The rugby world would have admitted to making a huge mistake

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Two weeks after the final Regarding the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the controversy does not subside. According to New Zealand media Things, The rugby world would have recognized the All BlacksWithout wanting to make it public Aaron Smith’s try in the final should not be disallowed.

This is unlikely to bring Steve Hansen back from his grumpy state following the 2023 Rugby World Cup final which South Africa won against the All Blacks.

The former coach had criticized the exaggerated importance of video refereeing, and perhaps he could have consoled himself by saying that perhaps he was, in this case, right on the subject.

World Rugby is said to be admitting a serious refereeing error in the final

World Rugby’s governing body rarely disavows its referees publicly. We are particularly reminded of the controversy surrounding the end of the quarter-final between Scotland and Australia in 2015, when Craig Joubert unfortunately gave the Wallabies victory due to a refereeing error.

This time, World Rugby did not want to comment publicly on the 2023 Rugby World Cup Final and Aaron Smith’s bid. Despite the All Blacks’ insistence on clarifying the final referees’ performance.

according to Thingsthe error by Wayne Barnes and video referee Tom Foley was acknowledged in private, with World Rugby refusing to pursue the matter further.

Failure to adhere to the video arbitration protocol in favor of South Africa

Soyons clair on one chose: he can be in the next part of the Ardie Save when the amount of the ball is touched, or the part of the action ayant mené à l’essai dumi de mêlée des All Blacks quelques instants later. This was the striker that video referee Tom Foley wanted back to disallow the try.

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The problem is that, according to the protocols governing the famous TMO intervention, Tom Foley has not been allowed to return to the event yet. The aforementioned intervention is actually limited to two periods of play before testing, whereas four periods occurred between onset and testing.

It now remains to choose which is more important to respect, the rule of playing forward or the rule governing the role of the video referee…

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