Work permit holders complained

Work permit holders complained

Under the five-step border reopening plan detailed by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, work permit holders will be able to travel to New Zealand again from March 14 – except for those whose visas have expired during the pandemic. They feel forgotten explain things. Actually,

Under current rules, you can only get one working holiday visa in your lifetime, whether you use it or not.

Complaints remained unanswered

Only two countries have reversed this rule by authorizing a new visa application: Australia and Japan. They also announced that they would not take into account another rule limiting the granting of visas to those under the age of 31. But on the New Zealand side, on the other hand, the radio is silent for the time being.

A situation that prompted Britain’s Adam MacDonald, who turned 33 this year, to give up his dream in New Zealand permanently. He had obtained his visa in August 2019, which left him for a year to enjoy the country. But New Zealand closed its borders in March 2020 before he could organize his stay.

Since then, Adam MacDonald has created a Facebook group to unite those who were in the same situation. Over the past two years, group members have regularly sent emails to New Zealand Immigration (INZ) to request the application of exemptions. The answers so far have always been either negative or sluggish.

glimmer of hope

Adam MacDonald admits he feels bitter about New Zealand. He now lives in France and prefers not to think about this country that made him dream for so long.

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Anabel Azcorra, 30, of Argentine nationality, still believes in it. Having had a working holiday visa since October 2019, I was thrilled with the idea of ​​leaving for a country “A balance between work and personal life is essential, a country where one feels safe and full of wonderful protected natural sites.”

Today, the plan to reopen borders and above all the fact that carriers of a PVT Frankly mentioning him there gives him hope. It remains to be hoped that New Zealand will follow Australia’s lead.

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