Women’s World Cup: New Zealand attendance records

Women’s World Cup: New Zealand attendance records

Spain’s semi-final victory over Sweden drew 43,217 spectators, a record for New Zealand. David Rowland/Reuters

New attendance figures for football matches in New Zealand at the Women’s World Cup finals were recorded, with 43,217 spectators attending Eden Park in Auckland, for a total of 700,000 people in the country’s stadiums since the start of the tournament, according to the federation.

New Zealand benefits from the impact of the World Cup. New attendance records have been set for football matches in the country of rugby. During the Women’s World Cup, more than 700,000 people attended 29 matches organized in the country’s stadiums since the start of the tournament, according to the federation, which are impressive numbers. Spain’s qualification, on Tuesday, to the World Cup final, after its victory over Sweden (2-1), gathered 43,217 spectators at Eden Park, which is a record equal to the spectators. Spain’s victory over Switzerland in the round of 16 and Sweden’s victory over Japan in the quarter drew the same number of spectators.

This record had already been beaten at the opening of the tournament, when 42,137 people attended the victory (1-0) of New Zealand, the co-organisation with Australia, against Norway, in Auckland.

This tournament brought about a huge change in the way football, particularly women’s football, is watched in New Zealand.said Andrew Bragnell, chief executive of New Zealand Football. “Since the historic opening match at Eden Park, which saw Football Ferns defeat Norway, this tournament has set a new benchmark for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.He completed.

The country will also host the Women’s Cricket and Rugby World Cups in 2022, proving, according to Andrew Pragnell, that New Zealand can “Organizing major events on a global level“.

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