Women’s team calls on Canadian football to address sporting violations

Women’s team calls on Canadian football to address sporting violations

The Canadian national team faced New Zealand on Saturday afternoon in Ottawa and will be in Montreal on Tuesday night.

On the sidelines of these two meetings, the team took the opportunity to send a letter with a list of requests to Football Canada to request the federation’s support to bring about a cultural change in the sport.

Football Canada needs to recognize the role our women’s national team plays and continues to play in highlighting issues that affect not only our football community, but the entire Canadian sports system.Can we read the press release?

At the request of the National Women’s Players Association, Football Canada has agreed to initiate an independent and transparent review to investigate the allegations made against Bob Berarda while working for the association, in order to clarify its deficiencies, and to draw recommendations from it and to better protect the athletes.

The Canadian Women’s Soccer Team, its board of directors, officers and staff also called for a public commitment to building a safe and secure environment for athletes. They also demand the union to apologize to those who were victims of abuse.

The players also called on the Independent Safe Sports Mechanism to take action and the Canadian government to protect vulnerable athletes across the country by making this new system mandatory for all national sports organizations by the end of 2021.

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convincing 5-1 win in Ottawa

Bev Priestman’s team delivered a convincing performance on the field, as they easily beat New Zealand 5-1.

Jesse Fleming opened the scoring in the 12th minute. The 23-year-old Antarian beat New Zealand goalkeeper Irene Naylar with a precise penalty kick.

Then Kristen Sinclair doubled her lead before the break.

Portland Red Thorns striker in the Women’s National Football League took advantage of the generosity of the New Zealand goalkeeper, who was unable to control the ball in the penalty area.

In the second half, Nichelle Prince scored 3-0.

New Zealand closed the gap momentarily thanks to Ria Percival in the 71st minute, but the Canadians were quick to respond as Adriana Lyon scored two wins in under seven minutes, in the 75th and 82nd minutes.

Canada scored 11 shots on goal compared to only 2 for its opponents.

It was the first Canadian women’s match since their historic victory over Sweden at the Tokyo Olympics.

The last meeting between Canada and New Zealand ended with a 3-0 win for the Maple Leaf representatives.

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