Woman arrested at New Zealand airport: Travelling with old heart in her handbag

Woman arrested at New Zealand airport: Travelling with old heart in her handbag

Jessica Manning, who had a heart transplant several years ago, was stopped by airport security and discovered to be planning to travel with her old heart.

A special travel companion. A few years ago, Jessica Manning, a 30-year-old heart transplant patient, was reportedly stopped by airport security for an hour when she wanted to fly one of her organs to Australia, where she was moving. The Parisian.

I kept it in a plastic bag

At a young age, she underwent a double heart and liver transplant. She initially donated her old heart to science before recovering it and keeping it at home in a plastic bag.

“In New Zealand, because of the Maori culture, they strongly believe that you should make your body the way God made you, so we have the option of preserving our organs.”“, explains the teacher to New Zealand Herald.

So she decided to collect it and take it back to Melbourne to bury it on her property and plant a tree over it. But when he arrived at the airport in New Zealand, a security guard discovered his old heart in his handbag, our colleagues reported.

Possible illness

The latter told her that he was taking precautions and wanted to make sure that she would not introduce a potential new disease into the country. After explaining her condition and medical history to the staff and checking them out, Jessica was finally able to travel with her heart in her carry-on bag.

“I have it now and it is safe in my closet. I am happy that everything is arranged and that I can continue on my journey, and my old heart is still with me.”You rejoice

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