Wiz Squire Test: Attractive Small Ambient Wi-Fi Bulb

Wiz Squire Test: Attractive Small Ambient Wi-Fi Bulb

Wiz advertises a brightness of 620 lumens and promises that its lamp can reproduce 16 million colors plus white between 2,200 and 6,500 K, just like the Wiz Hero. However, during our tests, we were never able to get white at 6,500 K – comparable to sunlight at peak temperature which is the reference temperature for cool white. The Squire topped it off at around 6000K, which is nonetheless not a problem for this type of lamp whose primary purpose is to create a soft, calm ambiance. Cold white is more suitable for ergonomics.

The Wiz’s small bulb works best in warm white, close to just 2700K which in this case is the reference temperature; We were able to set it around 2800K and it is very possible to get a white that is still warmer.

In terms of brightness, the Squire does a very honorable job since we registered up to 212 lux by placing our probe 1 meter away. It’s certainly not exceptional, but totally adequate for a mood lamp. We can also lower the brightness if needed, and this lamp allows you to take advantage of the very low light on its base alone: ​​we noticed less than 1 lux on the lowest setting.

Finally, the color reproduction index (CRI) was measured at 83.2 at 2800 K and 81.1 at 6000 K. If the lamp does not reach the maximum CRI of 100 in our comparison, some similarly all exceed 90, and even 95 in the case of Dyson Light Cycle. In general, other mood lights don’t work any better, if not much worse. Philips Hue Bloom 54 does not go above and beyond in warm white, for example. Therefore, Wiz Squire works well, especially since it is easier to accept changing colors under the illumination of this type of lamp.

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