With this new addition, you can be worse than ever in Baldur's Gate 3

With this new addition, you can be worse than ever in Baldur's Gate 3

Game news With this new addition, you can be worse than ever in Baldur's Gate 3

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Baldur's Gate III players will be able to fully satisfy their evil desires with the next major patch that Larian is preparing.

The Dark Side of Baldur's Gate III

Larian Studios is still at the forefront of video games after recently receiving a new batch of awards during the recent BAFTA ceremony, however they are still working on the gem Baldur's Gate III. The studio is currently preparing patch 7 which will introduce, among other things, new cutscenes dedicated to players who have taken the game's darkest paths.

This new patch will therefore bring “improved evil endings” for “more sinister conclusions” even for players who did not choose Dark Pulse Origin. And so, the photos were also shared in the studio's long post steamObviously, players can expect at least two evil endings (including one that contains a terrible berserker reference!). In addition, Larian also shared a new composition by Borislav Slavov designed specifically for these new sequences.

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A first step towards the future

With Patch 7, Larian also wants to correct various bugs and implement new features, including official editing tools that will allow you to tweak “visuals, animations, sounds, statistics, and more.” For the first time since the launch, Larian will also select a small number of players around the world to participate in the closed beta shortly before this patch launches. Finally, the studio also revealed its plans for the future, while the bulk of the work on Baldur's Gate III has already been done. The studio thus confirms that there is no plan to extend the game and that it will not work on a potential Baldur's Gate 4. On the other hand, Larian teams are already working on new licenses and two new projects. So you'll have to follow studio news closely to find out more.

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