With Cycloo, Midas launches its first space dedicated to easy navigation in Lille

With Cycloo, Midas launches its first space dedicated to easy navigation in Lille

Midas continues to adapt to new travel patterns by meeting expectations in terms of soft mobility with its Cycloo space, which has just opened in downtown Midas City in Lille Liberté.


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Although the European Parliament has just announced a ban on the sale of thermal vehicles in 2035, the Midas network confirms its willingness to adapt to new urban transport modes by opening The first space Cycloo in Lille.

Installed within the first concept of Midas City – the urban center of Lille LibertyCycloo is dedicated to seamless mobility through three activities:

  • Maintenance and repair of bicycles and scooters of all brands
  • Selling electric bikes and electric scooters
  • Selling accessories

This novelty is part of Midas’ commitment to new mobility, as the brand has already made significant progress to meet the expectations of customers who own hybrid and electric vehicles, as shown Julien Jurand, Managing Director, Midas France : ” This year, we’re even bolder. The car fleet is changing, the forms of mobility are diversifying and we have decided to provide concrete support for this transition to electrification. By launching the electronic review on the one hand for hybrid and electric vehicles, and opening the Cycloo on the other hand. Practicing bicycles and electric scooters has become popular and we have chosen itExpect to meet the increasing maintenance needs of these two wheels. So we are proud to offer this space today in the first downtown Midas in Lille. »

The Midas Auto Center concept has been developed in France since 1976, and now includes over 360 locations across France, and continues to connect the region with The ambition to open around thirty new centers in 2022. Interested in the model, would you like to learn more about how it works and its advantages? Find his profile on the pages of All the Franchise and ask him to be certified as the next to receive the Midas franchise.

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