Winners Jack Lupton and Dylan Run in the Guntersville Regatta

Winners Jack Lupton and Dylan Run in the Guntersville Regatta

Winner’s brother Ken Lupton was one of the fastest in qualifying but veered at 3e Exit, climb the water tail of the GP-79 “Bad Influence” to get back to its pontoons. The pilot escaped unscathed while the car was damaged in the right rear, slowing the 2022 Henderson hull in the final test.

The Hydro 350 class, renamed “Pro Lite” south of the border, provided another exciting spectacle, and the final match between Dylan Runne and Bobby King was thrilling. After four laps from pontoon to pontoon, the E-2 “Pleasure Seekers” overwhelmed the H-242 “LDC Construction” in the last split second to hand the victory over to Dylan Runne of Rumsden, New Jersey.

Paul Barber was able to move up the podium thanks to 3e Stand behind the wheel of the “Hearn Motorsports” H-52. The driver from Ottawa (Ontario) beat Campivallensien Patrick Haworth who finished fourth on a Michael Grendel “Bad Influence” H-79. Subsequent positions were filled by Donnie Allen (H-14), Steve Huff (E-98), Jimmy King (E-54) and Gary Chalvant (E-5).

The gold cup It was at stake in class Unlimited And Cory Peabody took advantage of the penalty kick imposed on Jimmy Sheen (Home Street Bank/Miss Madison U-1) to win the 112-year-old’s prestigious trophy in the Under-9’s ‘Strong Races’. Jeff Bernard (Goodman Real Estate U-91) and Jamie Nilsen (J&D’s Hydraulic) completed the podium.

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