Windows 11: Microsoft and AMD fix Ryzen performance issues

Windows 11: Microsoft and AMD fix Ryzen performance issues

Ryzen processors can now fully express themselves when used on a Windows 11 machine. AMD and Microsoft have released their fixes and processor latency issues have been fixed.

The launch of Windows 11 was very chaotic on AMD’s part. Regarding us, Ryzen processor performance Because of Microsoft’s new operating system. The performance decline can be as high as 15% in the worst case, especially in video games.

AMD reached out very quickly, explaining that it worked with the publisher of the system to find the sticking point. This was followed by a promise of quick fixes. The first update of Windows came a week later, but it aggravated the already bleak situation.

However, the processor manufacturer is seeing the end of the tunnel by making a new version of its driver available for chipsets (AMD Chipset Driver Used in conjunction with the patch Microsoft KB5006746-This update makes it possible to monitor a return to normal performance. Note that the Microsoft patch is not yet offered automatically under Windows Update. However, it is possible to download it directly from the publisher’s website.

This situation put AMD under stress, because it happened by chance just a few days before the launch of the new generation of Intel processors, the 12th generation Alder Lake Cores. Reordering was a somewhat urgent necessity for AMD, which has subjected itself to a random performance comparison, and Intel is communicating hard about the need to use Windows 11 to get the most out of its hybrid processors. Just in time, then.

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Windows 11 Home

This is the all-new version of Windows, it’s Windows 11 is the evolution of Microsoft’s PC operating system. Faster and better display of multiple screens, new taskbar, new icons, etc.

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