Windows 11 23H2 is here, here’s what’s new in the update on PC

Windows 11 23H2 is here, here’s what’s new in the update on PC

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This is the new version of Windows, it’s Windows 11, the evolution of Microsoft’s PC operating system. Faster and better multi-screen display, new taskbar, new icons, etc.

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It’s time to update your Windows 11 PC. Microsoft has just rolled out its second major version of 2023, dubbed “23H2.” Good news, there are many new features on the way for Microsoft’s operating system.

What’s new in Windows 11 23H2 update

After announcing several AI features during the official unveiling of the new Surface device last September, Windows 11 has finally been improved with the 23H2 update.

As a result, the operating system benefits from the long-awaited Windows Copilot. To keep it simple, Microsoft is integrating its AI-powered assistant (based on GPT-4) into Windows 11 via the taskbar.

We then discover that the “battery and power supply” part has evolved a lot. Microsoft has included more information about power management. Windows 11 can therefore produce a complete report containing real-time data about the power consumption of its computer. Note that it is possible to follow developments over the past 24 hours and the week, or monitor the consumption of each application.

Windows 11 replaces the Chat app with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has also chosen to pin it to the taskbar by default. The 23H2 update also brings new customization settings by adding a “Dynamic Lighting” section in Settings. With it, PC users can easily adjust the RGB lighting of their keyboards and mice.

To wrap up the major developments of this Windows 11 update, it’s important to note support for new file formats: .rar, .7z, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar .zst, .tar .xz, .tgz, . tbz2, .tzst and .txz. Thanks to this development, Microsoft finally made it possible to read .rar files, which until now required the installation of a utility such as WinRAR or 7-zip.

To install Windows 11 23H2, go to Settings and open the Windows Update menu.

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