Windows 10, removing drivers will be much easier

Windows 10, removing drivers will be much easier

change in Device management From Windows 10 operating system It comes with a version of the operating system known as Sun Valley It might be easy to uninstall some drivers completely. Let’s see how together.

Thanks to. Uninstalling certain drivers, those needed to run certain hardware devices, can be much easier Device management software update Included in every Windows installation since August 1995.

When Windows 10 recognizes a new hardware connection to the system, it automatically searches for a driver it can use to configure it. If the device using a suitable driver is already installed in the system, Windows will use this driver For installation.

When trying to install a device driver, the operating system reads a file Setup information file (Or an .inf file) that contains information about how to install the driver.

In the latest build Windows 10 Insider Preview Available in the development channel DevIn this article, Microsoft added a new feature to Device Manager that will notify you if there are other devices you are using if you try to uninstall a driver.

Windows 10 device manager

As colleagues Computer When they tried to uninstall the Nvidia GeForce GTX 670, the Device Manager reported Windows 10 might not remove the driver When it is in use by other devices.

Not only that, the warning suggests setting Device Manager to A new point of view Which groups the devices “by driver” and according to the .inf files in use. This will allow users to check which devices are using the same driver making it easy to uninstall them completely in case problems occur.

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Windows 10 device manager

The new “device by driver” display is also accompanied by a display of “driver by type” and “driver by device”, which are all available. The same information But they were grouped differently.

Most likely, these changes will only be available to everyone starting this fall, which is when the highly-anticipated update is released to the public. Windows 10 21H2 operating system Also known as Sun Valley.

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