L'équipage Crew-2 à l'entraînement. L'astronaute de l'ESA, Matthias Maurer se situe à gauche. © SpaceX

Will Thomas Pesquet return to Earth this weekend?

Adverse weather conditions over Florida make it difficult for NASA and SpaceX to get the Dragon capsules off Earth and back to Earth. Matthias Maurer may not be able to join Thomas Pesquet aboard the International Space Station. explanations.

While it was initially planned to launch Crew-3, which will be the European astronaut on board Matthias Maurer, before Crew-2 returns to Earth with Thomas Bisket and three astronauts from NASAmission teams SpaceX And NASA is now considering returning to Earth of Crew-2 before Crew-3 is gone for space station. A frustrating situation that can be explained by the must-have weather conditions over Florida during launch and recovery operations. It is not easy in this volatile month of November.

Little chance of seeing Thomas Pesquet welcome Matthias Maurer into orbit

In that vein, Thomas Pesquet and the three other Crew-2 astronauts could return to Earth on Sunday, November 7 (the eighth as of the rescue date). As for Crew-3, it won’t launch until Monday, November 8. In question, unfavorable weather conditions have been announced with only a 40% chance of a proper launch time on Saturday 6 November and hardly better the next day. Main interests slots strong to take off, cumulus As well as electrical activity that can cause a problem to installations. As for Sunday, weather concerns lie above locationslaunch interruption (i.e. where the capsule can fall off if it has to be urgently extracted from launcher).

Who of Crew 3 or Crew 2 will fire their engines first?

The only sure thing we have, at the time this article was published, is that NASA and SpaceX have given up on launching Crew-2 this weekend. Teams from both missions will make a final decision on prioritizing Crew-3 launches or Crew-2 returns in the coming days, or even the next few hours depending on changing weather conditions, but also taking into account the time required between launches and returns. NASA is organizing a press conference with the Crew-2 crew today at 5.30 p.m.

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As a reminder, the capsule Dragon Crew From SpaceX able to stay in orbiting For at least 210 days as required by NASA. Further analysis could allow the spacecraft to stay in orbit for longer, if necessary. The capsule was launched on April 23, 2021 and arrived at the International Space Station the next day. As of November 5, 196 days have passed since I docked in complex orbit.

Thomas Pesquet bid farewell to the International Space Station

Article by Remy Decor Posted on 01/11/2021

The second stay of Thomas Bisquet aboard International Space Station finish. A European astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA) is preparing to land on Earth on 4 or 5 November. If he no longer returns to the orbital complex, his career as an astronaut is clearly far from over. he have moon in focus.

After more than six months in orbit aboard the space station he joined in April 2021, European astronaut Thomas Pesquet is preparing to return to Earth with three other astronauts. His return date is still uncertain but is scheduled for November 4 or 5, or even another day due to the Crew-3 launch being pushed back from October 31 to November 3. At first he should have come back earlier but successive delays from Crew launch 3Which carries four astronauts, including the European Matthias Maurer, NASA forced to postpone the Frenchman’s return to Earth for several days. You should also know that the Germans and the French made a file force So that the two European astronauts could be found together in orbit. Communications that flatter the arrogance of both countries but have no practical or scientific interest.

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With over 230 experiences on the counter on his behalf mission alpha, but also the partners of the International Space Station, Thomas Pesquet will have succeeded in establishing him in the orbit that distinguished him Several spacewalks, in order to install new solar panels, and some broken logs. On October 4, he took command of the International Space Station, becoming the first French astronaut to hold this position.

Thematic Moon of Thomas Bisquet

This exit from the space station marks the end of a period of his career that allowed him two long stays. durations On board the orbital complex. Unsurprisingly, Thomas Pesquet isn’t going back there. In fact, the European Space Agency guarantees two flights for each of the astronauts. So far, if all of Thomas Bisquet’s 2009 promotional astronauts made at least one manned flight, four of them would still have to make a second flight. After Samantha Cristoforetti, which is due to take off in the spring of 2022, there are still Timothy Beck and Andreas Mogensen to fly a second time, which brings us to 2025. We will refer to the case of German Matthias Maurer, who was selected in 2015 and who will be in a matter of hours. Few to prepare for the first manned flight.

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knowing that Class of astronauts 2022 It will be operational in 2025-2026, and none of the 2009 astronauts will return to the orbital complex. However, their career will not end. In fact, the European Space Agency got three flights of European astronauts on board Gate. His three missions will be dedicated to veterans, so Thomas Bisquet and his 2009 class of friends will be queuing to apply for these missions near the moon. But without landing on the moon.

We must not hide our faces, it is very likely that these three warriors will be among the countries that contribute the most to the budget of the European Space Agency (Germany, France and Italy). In addition, the main contribution of France and Italy to the portal that It will provide the two European units This lunar space station and Germany that provides the Orion service module. Say otherwise, Thomas Pesquet and Alexander Gerst approached forcefully to travel aboard the gate. Third place should go to the Italian. Two astronauts are competing for this spot: Luca Parmitano and Samantha Cristoforetti.

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