Will getting to Venice soon pay off for tourists?

Will getting to Venice soon pay off for tourists?

Venice authorities are considering charging an entrance fee to visit the city. The tourist must pay between 3 and 10 euros per person.

Will it soon be necessary to pay an entrance fee to visit Venice? According to the Italian daily newspaper, printingThe Venetian authorities plan to pay for access to the city of Doges. Concretely, from summer 2022, tourists will have to book a period of time in advance, pay the entrance fee, and go through the turnstiles located at the main access points to the historic center. It will cost between 3 and 10 euros per person depending on the time of year, The British newspaper times.

However, this tax will only interest day visitors. Residents, their relatives, children under six and tourists staying in a city hotel will not have to pay for access to the historical center.

The goal is not to reduce the number of visitors to the city, but to make things easier The sometimes overwhelming influx of mass tourism. “We cannot set a maximum quota for authorized visitors, the law does not allow this. But thanks to flexible and dynamic pricing, we will be able to advise tourists to avoid certain periods, such as Carnival or Easter. The amount has been deliberately set low, because money is not the issue,” he explains. Simon Venturini, Consultant in charge of Tourism for the Municipality of Venice, In an interview with figaro.

30 million visitors

The Italian city, which receives 30 million visitors each year, escaped being inscribed on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger, which cited crimes of mass tourism. The Italian government announced this summer that cruise ships will now be banned from the famous canals. Heritage and environmental advocates have for years denounced these giant ships that threaten the lake’s fragile ecosystem and the foundations of its historic center.

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