'All Whites' will soon be replaced by a more inclusive pseudonym?

Will ‘All Whites’ soon be replaced by a more inclusive title?

Radio New Zealand (RNZ) reported that the Football Association of New Zealand is considering changing the country’s national team title. The term ‘all white’ could disappear in favor of a more inclusive term.

Perhaps All Whites are living their last moments. According to information from Radio New Zealand, echoed by L’Equipe, The New Zealand Football Association is seriously considering changing the country’s national team title. The term, which can be literally translated as “all white” is not considered comprehensive enough.

“We are working with players in the football world and beyond, to look at all aspects of our organization and make sure it fits in today’s world,” New Zealand Football (NZF) newspaper (NZF) confirmed in comments published by RNZ on Monday, without confirmation. Information from Radio New Zealand. “Like many other sporting bodies, the NZF started the thought process around cultural inclusion.”

This topic is up for discussion

Consequently, the gesture of the legendary All Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team, no longer passed and is now considered to be in disrepair. Even if the footballers who have been called up to represent the Pacific Island appear white, they may soon have to change their titles.

As reported by RNZ, the topic is already under discussion in New Zealand. “Even if a small minority is upset, for me, it is enough to change them,” for example Ryan Nielsen, a former international and England player (Tottenham, Blackburn) developed. Commentator Jason Payne replied, “All Whites is a nickname that fans have given up, entirely dependent on the color of the shirt.” “It’s like the Boston Red Sox. They have red socks. All the whites wear white shirts,” he said.

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