Wild VS Scatter: Key Features of Online Slots

On the reels of video slots, gamblers can see not only basic but also special symbols. Such icons diversify the gameplay and extend the functionality of emulators. The most popular special symbols are Wild and Scatter. They are found in absolutely all online slots. When playing any game on https://nomini.com/nz/games/categories/slots, gamblers will find these symbols.

The Core of the Wild Symbol

Each online slot has a set of unique features that distinguish a game from other products. Wild is one of two icons that are widely used for gambling. It is a colorful symbol that corresponds to the genre of a slot.

Types of Wilds

Gambling software developers try to attract players by creating new features. Three types of Wild symbols are found in modern slots.

  1. Sticky ones. Wilds of this type “stick” on the reels and are fixed there for 2-3 spins, which helps gamblers to hit one jackpot after another.
  2. Expanding ones. Such icons can multiply, gradually occupying more and more sectors on the reels. Sometimes, they can even completely occupy the playing field.
  3. Stacked ones. These are accumulative icons. One icon falls on another one; they are added to maximize the prize.


Its core function is to substitute other symbols when they are not enough to form winning combinations. For example, imagine two identical base symbols and Wild appear on the same reel in a row. In this case, the icon will complement the combination of symbols, which means that a gambler will receive a cash prize.

In addition to replacing and supplementing combinations of other symbols, Wilds also perform other functions. There are online slots where they not only increase the number of paid combinations but also increase the size of the prizes. There are many other functions of these icons; for example, when they “charge” ordinary symbols, transforming them into bonus ones.

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In a number of emulators, the use of “Wild” symbols is limited: they fall out only on a few reels. In such a situation, gamblers are waiting for Wilds falling out on the reels with double impatience, which makes the gameplay even more exciting.

The Core of the Scatter Symbol

This is one of the favorite icons of gamblers. Its advantages are that it begins to perform special functions when it appears in any position. That is, getting three or more Scatters on different reels, players get additional privileges. Most often, this is a certain number of free spins. Their number can be different and depends on the rules of the slot.

Some providers equip Scatter symbols with additional options. For example, they can increase winnings by several times or become Wilds during free spins.

Key Functions

  1. Icons activate bonus rounds and give additional extra spins.
  2. Such symbols are the most expensive ones and get the maximum profit to gamblers.
  3. Upon forming Scatter combinations, additional multipliers are added, which increases the size of the current prize.

How are Scatter Combinations Formed and Paid?

The most common situation is a combination of several Scatters located in any position on the screen. At the same time, the number of active lines and the amount at stake do not play a role. The minimum number of such symbols to receive a payout is three (rarely two), and the winning amount is calculated by the total bet. The more Scatters players get on the reels, the more profitable bonus feature and the prize they’ll get.

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Wild and Scatter are two symbols that are found in all online slots. These are the most popular features that open more opportunities and help gain more prizes. Each software developer designs a unique set of features to entertain players and make games exciting.

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