Certains Romains font preuve d

Wild boars roam the city causing trouble

The animals, often accompanied by their wild boars, rummage through the capital’s litter boxes, mingling in the background. They have become a serious problem for the population.

The region of Monte Mario, located northwest of Rome, has been invaded for several days by wild boars that roam fearlessly in search of food.

Most of them are concentrated in places full of rubbish, but then they must pass through the Eternal City. These wild boars have become a safety issue, even causing traffic accidents. This phenomenon has entered into political controversy, with residents complaining about their semi-invasive presence. This is a topic in the local elections scheduled for early October.

Its voters summoned the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, to quickly solve the problem. The city council affirms that it is the responsibility of the regional administration (Lazio) to settle the issue. The latter gives him responsibility.

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