Why the European Parliament wants to prevent Hungary from taking over the presidency of the Council of the European Union

Why the European Parliament wants to prevent Hungary from taking over the presidency of the Council of the European Union

As clashes erupt between Budapest and Brussels over respect for justice and democracy, MEPs pass a resolution calling on the Council of the European Union to take up the issue by the Hungarian presidency, scheduled for July 2024.

Could a more democratic country preside over the European Union? This is the question that will stir up European political arenas when Hungary is set to assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in July 2024. The European Parliament took up this topic, a long taboo, on Thursday 1 June, by adopting a large majority Accuracy It aims to prevent Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán from taking over the reins of the European Union, going so far as to threaten the council with a “boycott” If member states do not act.

If the subject appeals to the elected European representatives, it is because the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which France occupied in the first half of 2022, is crucial for the proper functioning of the European Union. The council, in which ministers of member states discuss European legislation, is chaired in turn for six months by each of the bloc’s 27 countries, which in turn provides impetus and sets priorities. Role inconsistent with democracy that has become “illiberal” It is considered too close to Moscow, the deputies argued.

Conflict of values

“Hungary no longer recognizes itself in the European definition of democracy, the rule of law and the fundamental rights of the European Union”MEP environmental expert Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield explains, in The Origin of the Decision. The French are particularly interested in seeing “A country subject to two penal measures under Article 7 of the treaties” European Union leadership. These measures saw the European Commission suspend billions of euros in European funds earmarked for Budapest in exchange for dDeficiencies in anti-corruption, media independence, and the judiciary as well as anti-gay law.

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The suspension of the Hungarian presidency is above all symbolic. “We cannot leave the task of representing European democracy to someone who makes appalling statements and has no sympathy for the values ​​of the European Union.”Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield worried. But the concern also relates to the impact that this presidency could have on the work of European institutions. “The Hungarian government constantly challenges the system and wants to exploit it for its own benefit. It uses all the power at its disposal to get what it wants.”annoyed Garvan Walsh is of the advocacy group at the Center for European Policy. Thus, Budapest regularly blocked EU sanctions against Russia.

Towards the adoption of new rules?

Evidence that the topic is of concern, the decision was submitted by five of the seven Political groups in circulation, European People’s Party, Socialists and Democrats, Renewed Europe, Greens and the Radical Left. But the polite writing of the script, if it gives rise to anxiety, does not specify a concrete solution. Should we simply ban Hungary from taking the lead in the EU? “The European texts are not entirely clear on this issue and not necessarily the most obvious solution.”Judge Gwendolyn Delbus Corfield.

Treaty of the European Union, which sets out the principle “equal rotation” Among the member states of this Presidency, no exceptions are provided for from the rule. Only once has a country strayed from it: the United Kingdom, after the Brexit vote in 2016.

It could be a possible solution for the council “to postpone the appointment of the Hungarian presidency to a later date, while respecting the equality required by the treaties”analysis Garvan Walsh. another option, “Adopt a rule preventing any country from assuming the rotating presidency in the event of an open procedure under Article 7”Specialist details. elongation “The Belgian and Spanish presidencies for three months”proposed by European law professor Alberto Alemanno on Twitterseems more difficult to implement.

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A “nonsensical” proposal according to Budapest

In this chapter, the role of parliament is limited, because in the matter of the rotating presidency, the parliament alone can make a decision. In any case, the Parliament’s decision alludes to mandates “Find a solution ASAP”. “The important thing is that we discuss the topic, which was really a taboo a few months ago, and look at what can be done.”Gwendolyn Delbus Corfield confirms.

The controversy angers Hungary, which immediately denounced it on Tuesday “political pressure” Parliament. Thus, the Minister of Justice, Judith Varga, defended “sincerity” From his own disapproving discussion “Stolid”, AFP reports. Despite the Hungarian refusal, the proposal seems to be gaining ground among some countries, much to the surprise of observers. German European Affairs Minister Anna Luhrmann said on Tuesday that she had done so Doubts about Hungary’s ability to assume its presidency of the Council”.. Same story on the part of the Dutch foreign minister, Wopke Hoekstra, who voiced it “Discomfort” before this perspective.

What are the other member states moving? “At the moment, there is astonishment, the topic was taboo, but now it is on the agenda, we have moved from a technical topic to a political one.”He wants to believe Gwendolyn Delbus Corfield. “It is a first step, but there is still a year before the start of the Hungarian presidency, the pressure may decrease”Rage, Garvan Walsh. If nothing was done, Parliament threatened to do so “boycott” Some meetings, the English-speaking site reports Politico, particularly triads, during which European laws are negotiated between institutions. This greatly complicates the course of the future Hungarian presidency.

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