Why Nicholas Martin stopped the "scientific method"

Why Nicholas Martin stopped the “scientific method”

Since 2016, the product has injected energy and education into the scientific daily France Culture. At the age of 46, he ended his activity on the airwaves and explained to us the reasons why he made this choice. Maintenance work.

From the work of a particle accelerator to the connection between germs and the brain, everything seems to interest him. For six years, with an appetite and a sense of upbringing intact, Nicholas Martin, 46, has led scientific method On the culture of France. He announced in August that he was leaving the airwaves Release. This former literature teacher turned journalism started at France Bleu Béarn twenty years ago, before serving at France Inter and then joining France Culture. “The radio I love and the one I want to do is radio”tell us in 2020. The product, which we will hear especially in July in no limits (Saturday-Sunday 6:15pm, on France Culture) takes a look back at these exciting years and explains the reasons for his departure.

Why give up the antenna? I was on sick leave for four months last fall. It was proof… At first, I didn’t want to make my personal situation public. Then I said to myself that it was important to explain things. I am leaving because my health problems have become so serious, that they are no longer compatible with the level of stress and rhythm imposed by the radio. This choice was not easy. I will not work for another media or another station. I need to change my life and keep myself. When the body speaks, you have to listen.

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