Why is there only one indicator in HD in patch 9.2.5? -World of Warcraft

Since we already have the opportunity to report, the WoW interface benchmark will receive an upgrade in patch 9.2.5. Its resolution has been increased so that it does not look like a bunch of pixels when zoomed in. Since patch 9.1.5, it is already possibleIncrease cursor size in the access options.

On this occasion, Grayvves have enjoyed the highlight of this slider in comparison to others who are still in standard definition.

Why not take the opportunity to modify other indicators? There is no official answer on this topic, but the reasons can be multiple. The first thing that comes to mind is that with the many changes that will be made to the user interface in the format Dragon FlightBlizzard may take the opportunity to introduce new pointers. In this case, it was about providing a better definition of the indicator that players could modify.

Another possibility is that these other sliders will be arriving gradually and that this improvement was recently identified.

The video below allows you to compare the new slider to the one in your mailbox or tasks.

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