Why is the UK becoming a danger region again?

Why is the UK becoming a danger region again?

While the United Kingdom is the most vaccinated country in Europe, the spread of the Indian species on its soil raises questions about the strategy of vaccination and vaccination elimination.

Too fast, too hard? While the UK has appeared to emerge from the health crisis by being the most vaccinated country in Europe and by dismantling it from April 12th with the terraces reopening and indoor bars and restaurants reopening on May 17th, the rapidly diverse Indian reality is caught up in hope for a return to normality.

The strong advance of the variant B.1.617.2, is very infectious and responsible for The second deadly wave of Covid hit IndiaHealth authorities worry. German Health Watch Institute Robert Koch On Sunday, the UK was designated a “booming region”. Germany has taken restrictive measures in the wake of allowing only German travelers and citizens of the United Kingdom to enter its territory. These Germans also undergo a two-week quarantine period upon their return, even if the test result is negative.

Increased spread

For its part, France could follow Germany’s example by taking “measures a little stronger” than those currently in place, according to Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. “We have one British question left. The minister said on RTL:” The Indian alternative in the UK is causing problems. “

This variable poses a problem because it is according to guardianIt has increased its pollution by 160% in the last week alone. The Public Health England Agency had identified 3,424 confirmed cases as of Thursday, May 20, compared to 1,313 the previous week. These numbers can even be underestimated, due to the time lapse between collection of test samples and variable identification during sequencing.

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However, the United Kingdom is the most advanced country in Europe in immunization, with more than 38 million people receiving at least one dose (or 57.1% of the population) and nearly 23 million receiving two doses (34.4% of the population). On May 23, according to Our World in Data.

86 families in the country

If the number of cases is increasing, the authorities are also concerned about the number of outbreaks across the country. to me BBC, The Indian variant has been identified in at least 86 different locations in the United Kingdom. It is especially prevalent among young people and may soon become the most common virus in the Region. According to many scholars, the Boris Johnson government has been slow to take measures to curb this alternative and has not taken into account its circulation in schools.

To slow the spread of the variant, British authorities could question their vaccine strategy, reducing the gap between two vaccine doses to ensure better immunity. Since mid-May, Boris Johnson has said he wants to reduce the period from twelve to eight weeks between two doses of the vaccine and “speed up the administration of the remaining second doses for people over 50 and vulnerable people.”

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