Why is she called Isabelle from Nintendo Marie in France?

Why is she called Isabelle from Nintendo Marie in France?

Mary is one of the most likable characters in Animal Crossing, as well as other video games such as Smash. two brothers. However, in France only we call her Marie. A riddle we tried to solve.

Dozens of different names for one character: such is the mystery surrounding Nintendo’s virtual little yellow dog, named Marie in France.

The character is most notably present in Animal Crossing, one of Nintendo’s most popular licenses. latest version of the game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is the perfect example. Its success explains a very interesting world to explore, straightforward accessibility and very likable characters. Some of them even go beyond Animal Crossing, like the famous Mary.

filed in An animal crosses a fresh leaf In 2013, Mari quickly becomes a fan favourite, as she helps the player as he becomes the village’s mayor. In the games that followed, Mary filled various roles, always supporting the player. An important ally, it is also found in other Nintendo games, such as Mario Kart or Smash Bros. climax. Mary’s list of accomplishments does not stop there. It is the official representation of the account Twitter From Animal Crossing and also one of many characters in the series that have multiple names, which vary depending on the country in which Animal Crossing is played.

But then, why is she called Marie in France, while she is called Isabelle in the US, and Melinda in Germany?

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Marie or Isabelle (or Fafe, or Shizue…)

  • in FranceWe know her as Mary. According to many fans, this name would refer to the phrase ” City Hall ” And ” mayor Because the protagonist is the city’s assistant mayor An animal crosses a fresh leaf. If Nintendo never confirmed this rumor (Nomirama tried to get more information, to no avail), other interpretations have been made about Mari’s name.
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Connecting Marie with Digby, the English name of her twin brother Max, we get Marie Digby. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, it’s also the name of American singer Married Digby. Incidentally, Mary also has a taste for music, as she is involved in the town song, which we hear a lot in the game.

  • in the Netherlands And in English-speaking countries (USA, UK, Canada and Australia in particular) she is called Isabelle. There, too, the fans found several reasons. According to the Animal Crossing wiki, Isabelle was so named because of the resemblance of her head to a bag of bells (Isabelle = “is a Bell”) and for her charming and popular nature (Isabelle = “is a Belle”). Puns that were even mentioned by Palutena’s character Super Smash Bros. climax.

Isabelle can also refer to the bells of December, in Animal Crossing. Her birthday is in the same month, and bells are usually associated with Christmas, and she also wears a red ribbon with bells in her fur that sing when she walks or tilts her head. Even more obvious coincidences.

  • In Russiathe name is similar to what English speakers use, as Isabel is called there.
  • in other European countriesMary has another name. In Spain, she is called Canela, possibly because the first syllable of her given name, “Can” is a Spanish word that can refer to a dog. In Germany, Mary is called Melinda, while in Italy, Fuffi. It is a very popular dog name in this country,

Also in Asia, Mari has other varieties

In Asia, Mari also have names that are very distant from Mari.

  • In ChinaIt is Xīshī huì (西施惠).西施 (xīshī), a figurative expression that translates to “beautiful woman” or “falling flower”. As for 惠 (huì), it is a word that can be used to denote “benefit, grace” or “benevolence, good-hearted, kind”.
A global star // Source: Flickr
A global star // Source: Flickr
  • in South KoreaMary’s name is Yul (여울). It literally means “girlfriend”. The Hangul alphabet is also moving in this direction, with individual meanings for each letter. 여 (yeo) means “woman, female” and 울 (ul) means “family, friend, relative, relative”.
  • In his country of origin, the JapanMy name is Shizue. It can be translated as “quiet branch”, as can Animal Crossing City. But it is also derived from the Shih Tzu, the dog breed to which it belongs.

In addition to Mary, other Animal Crossing characters have different names in different regions. Mary’s twin brother Max is called for example Kento in Japan or Digby in English. These are certainly very different names, but that doesn’t change the characters who remain the same around the world.

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