Why is my CAF account space not available?

Can’t login to your CAF account on Saturday 15th January? Don’t panic, the problem isn’t with your Social Security number or your password. It is simply a maintenance day that affects the personal space of the beneficiaries, making it temporarily inaccessible.

CAF website under maintenance: Your CAF account will not be available on Saturday 15 January

This Saturday January 15thBeneficiaries will encounter problems Connect to their account space. Because it is subject to maintenance.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) warned beneficiaries on its website, as well as on Twitter, on Friday 14 January. ” My account area will not be available, due to maintenance, on Saturday 15th January ”, defines the organization. We also apologize for the inconvenience causedHe thanked the beneficiaries for their understanding.

the CAF Website It regularly encounters errors that lead to connection problems. In general, access to personal space is impossible because there are too many users trying to connect. This often happens at the beginning of the month when the allowances are paid by CAF.

The last widespread malfunction dates back to October 2021. CAF, which has encountered several communication anomalies, has been forced to close access to the accounts. Because : New ways of contact Involving a social security number and creating a password. Then some recipients inadvertently gained access to other users’ information. In times like these, CAF teams redouble their efforts to solve problems as quickly as possible.

How long will the CAF site be under maintenance?

CAF site maintenance process It will run all day, ending at 7pm. Thus, your CAF account will, in theory, be available from 7 PM. Beneficiaries planning to call to request a benefit (APL, RSA, AAH, etc.) will have to patiently endure their problems.

For any urgent request preferred Go directly to the CAF agency. The address, as well as the opening hours, of the agency closest to your home can be found in our online directory. Beneficiaries trying to reach CAF by phone at 3230 may not find anyone on the phone. The service is actually open between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.

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