Un bombardier H-6 chinois à capacité nucléaire intercepté par un chasseur taïwanais en février 2020.

Why is Beijing escalating pressure

maintenance – Beijing sent 39 military planes to fly over Taiwan’s air defense zone on Saturday, forcing Taipei to take off in turn. Scholar Antoine Bondaz sheds light on Xi Jinping’s strategy of attrition.

Tensions increased further between Beijing and Taipei in the Strait of Formosa after an already difficult day on Friday. Saturday, The Chinese Air Force sent 39 aircraft to the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)This is a record number forcing the island nation to take off its private planes to order them to leave. Among the Chinese aircraft: an H-6 nuclear bomber. As of Friday, 38 incursions were recorded, breaking the record of 28 incursions in a single day last June. Since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, these incursions have continued to increase, but the scale of Friday’s operation prompted Taiwan to protest vigorously: “China has been hostile and undermined regional peace while engaging in many acts of intimidation.Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang said. Why is Beijing showing muscles like this? What are its goals?

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